Before and After Islam. (Chapter 1 – Alcohol)

What is so different about me, before being a Muslim?

Before being a Muslim, I used to love alcohol. Very much. For no reason! I would go to my friends’ place to party all night long, drink a few bottles of beer and just lay down there talking to my friends. What did I get in return? Nothing but that few hours of fun. There was once, I chugged a bottle of wine with an American friend because we decided that we both want to get drunk and get wasted while walking in the town center. It was 3 hours of fun and then a whole day of headache.

After embracing the idea of being a Muslim, I sat down and thought about why love alcohol so much. Why take alcohol for no reason. As conclusion, it was for no reason.

In Surah Al Maeda, Chapter 5 Verse 90-91 : 

5-90&91(Taken from &

Now to those who really love alcohol, think deeply. What is there to love about beer, wine, whiskey and whatnot? What is there to love? The condition of being drunk? Or the fact that when you consume alcohol, your friends consider that “well, you’re the kind of person that we would wanna hang out with”.

When you drink (beer, wine, tequila, whiskey and stuffs like that), what do you get besides feeling tipsy and dizzy? A few hours after drinking, what do you feel again? All the wrong things happened after being drunk. I don’t have to mention what are the disadvantages or cons that you get from alcohol. There are certainly more negative points than positive points about the alcohol, and that is why Islam prohibits it. You don’t make good decisions after getting drunk. Or do you? Have you, then? I can change from loving alcohol for no reason, to hating and not wanting to consume any drop of alcohol on my tongue for the sake of my health and my faith. I believe that others can too! Try substituting alcohol with other drinks such as coffee, Perrier, orange juice or even, plain mineral water. It’s even better for your body than the great famous Heineken or Macallan Whiskey.

Being Muslim is surely not only about putting alcohol away from us. There are a lot more things about being Muslim that I will share to you bit by bit.

To be continued. 


Chapter Of This Blog!

Well to begin with, I am a new Muslim, reverted back to Islam in March 2012 in Besançon, France. My life before March 2012 was really insignificant, when I then decided that being a Muslim is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Being a Muslim teaches me that life is not about materials and cash. Being Muslim teaches me that life is about serving the world, giving your best that you could, and also always go back to our Creator and be grateful for all the advantages and tests that He has given to you. I chose to be a Muslim, I chose to worship Allah.

For a freshman like me, it was hard to change everything I had before. I admit, there were a few moments that I’ve asked myself “am I really doing this?”. But that moment came, and went away as soon as I think of God. It refreshes my keen on wanting to believe in that one God. No, not only believing, but also to worship Him.

Why did I revert at the first place? 

I started a few sessions of searching about this faith, and I started of asking my Muslim friends. I’ve had my Malaysian Muslim friends, French Muslim friends, African Muslim friends, English Muslim friends, Arabian Muslim friends, and even Chinese Muslim Friends. I began reading the tafsir (interpretation of the Quran). I started learning, praying, fasting and I have never felt better since. I felt so close to God and it actually made sense for me to do some good and not anticipating any returns. I became happy, and I even commenced to look better in physical. I embraced the true essence in believing a new found faith and I was extremely contented about it. I sometimes join my dear sisters for Usrah sessions, and trust me, being together with them is such a delightful moment because all you care about is not money or handbags or shoes, but building sisterhood while smiling at each other. It was all so great.

And then, one day came when I thought to myself, what are the meanings of my prayers, solahs and other practices if I am not a Muslim yet. Are my deeds accepted or not? If I die tomorrow, what will I die as? I brought forward all these questions to one of a sister, and Masha Allah… The decision to revert was made at that moment.

Thus the end of my first post, Chapter Of This Blog. I will be writing about my experience being a new Muslim, the challenges that I’ve been facing and most of it the dramas that will happen in near future. Not to forget, I will also share knowledge and everything there is to be shared, to becoming a good Muslim. 🙂

Wish me luck 🙂