Sometimes I want flowers, presents, and outings.

Most of the times, I just want hugs and kisses. 

Maybe, we don’t cherish what we have until it’s gone. 


What happened in the past…

My husband once told me, that I am starting to neglect taking care of myself, ever since our marriage took place. Today, I stood in front of the mirror, and took a long good look at myself and finally thought to agree with what he said. I used to have a fair, even and smooth skin on my face, but now it’s drenched with oil, a few acne here and there, white heads and what more.

What happened in the past… In between the times where I used to be all princess-y about my good self, until the times where I stop being thoughtful of my own. Thought hard, and answers are related to work and environment.

Summing up my regrets, I miss Besançon. Food was healthy. Clinique was twice a day’s practice. Blow-dry was once a day. Hair treatment was once a week. Clothes were according to season. Make-up was voluntarily. Walks were regular. Weather was wonderful. Never had to understand people’s judgement. Never had to go with people’s expectation. Husband was extra sweet. Daily life was outrageously awesome.

Here. Food is oily. Clinique was out since years ago. Blow-dry, twice a month? Hair treatment, thrice a year? Clothes, same fashion everyday but thank God for colors. Make up is involuntarily. Walks were never. Weather is hot. People judge. People expect. Husband, not that sweet anymore. Daily life is outrageously pathetic.

Really. I want my life back.


Restarting my writing.

Wow it has been years. My first thought of creating a blog was to write out everything I could, to express and to share with anyone crossing paths with my writings. But yet, I’ve failed to do so in the matter of time. Few hours ago, I stumbled upon an old friend’s blog and figured myself why did I stop writing, because writing and reading usually keep me going on. Being an introvert extrovert as well doesn’t get me too fond on telling a lot of people how I feel or how I want to feel. Especially when I don’t really have a lot of close girlfriends or, friends. Especially when i’m married to my husband now. And especially now i’m expecting sugar spice and everything nice. Hehe.

Yes I love writing and reading. It keeps me going. It makes me think like i’m a more intelligent person. And it makes me feel good. Not in a pretentious way but it satisfies me to feel how great it is that one’s mind is created in a way he or she could understand a written content in a way he or she chooses to understand it. And it awes me the fact that one can write in ways that he or she doesn’t even care of what readers think or even to bother about anyone’s liking. And also because i’m a teacher. Reading and writing are both essential in one’s daily life.

So, promise I will write more. Promise i’ll try to write sensible and positive things to share with people. Promise good vibes for people. Act of sadaqa.