How do you deal with demises?


I’ve heard of a horrible news. A best friend of ours (a nice woman we used to be so close with when we were in France) lost her husband to a fatal accident. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. May he be placed among the righteous. 

To hear such news in such early morning is really saddening, and it makes me re-think of the existence of life, all the time. Last week, we had someone close passing away too. My husband’s granny’s cousin who has turned into her sister and a very close friend, passed away.

What do you tell to these dear ones, when their loved ones pass away? Do you tell them to be patient, and why do you even tell them to be strong when it’s such a hardest test of all. I can’t imagine, and I won’t wanna imagine if demises like this happen to me. 😦 It would be so horrible, and I would be so traumatised and so saddened, and there will probably be absolutely no words coming out of me.

Still, I do hope and pray that my best friend, Ilani, will still be as strong as she could be. And I hope and pray that every one will be able to have patience to endure this hardship, and may Allah really replace their lost with betterments.

Dear Alice, 


This picture was taken during your wedding day. Years have passed, and our gaps have widened. But never a day in my life you’re absent from my thoughts. If there’s somehow a way I can tell you that I’ve missed you so much and that you’ll always be in my heart, I will. But I’ll wait a little, to tell you that.