Dear baby Daisie

Dear baby Daisie,

Mommy hopes and prays that when you’re older and ready to share your life with someone, please find a man who loves you more than you love him.

Love, mommy.


35th Week Today 

Happy 35th week my dear Daisie. You’re huge now. Dr. Jason, my gynae told me that I’m overweight and baby’s overweight too so we have to stop binge eating good food and hopefully Daisie doesn’t grow too fast and much or else Mommy’s gonna have a hard time delivering. But no matter how hard it is and how tough it’s going to be, with Allah’s will, Mommy will try my best and make sure you’re out healthily to see the world my dear. I can’t wait to see you.

Just keep swimming, Little Daisie!

Today I felt the most of Little Daisy’s kicks! At first it felt like wind passing through somewhere in my belly, but a little awhile later I was sure that it felt a bit different. I then had my palm on my tummy to wait for the same feeling again and there I go! Baby Daisy kicked! The kick was not very strong, but it made me smile! I guess now I am able to differentiate my baby’s kick!

Heavy like a watermelon!

I was walking towards hub’s usual lunch place here in Lumut, all of a grand sudden I felt like I was carrying a medium sized watermelon on my belly. I felt heavy and my feet can’t really with hold the weight of the aforementioned watermelon. Geez, I really can’t hide my belly anymore!

I have been successfully keeping my pregnancy a secret (shhh) among my friends. Well, my colleagues and all of my girls obviously had to know about it because they were the reason I had my first check up to confirm that I was having a baby. Other than that, maybe 2/3 other close friends learned about my pregnancy as I needed some other young mommies to guide me through this wonderful journey being a first time mom. Some would ask, why would I want to keep this gift a secret? It’s a personal choice, plus me being nervous and having high expectations on everything (myself particularly), I am very sure to myself that it’s not the right moment to crack the news yet. Also, I don’t want to boast around especially to moms married more years than me but have not had a baby yet. I know how bad it feels.

Baby is 20 weeks old here. 

My little baby flower is 22 weeks old now, meaning that I’ve 18 more weeks to go! And 18 weeks from now is the 7th of December (screammmmmmmmmms). Well it might be earlier or later, I found out that the EDD (estimated date of delivery) given by my gynecologist is not accurate. Perhaps it’s due to me having 2 different gynecologists (1 in Bandar Enstek and 1 more back in my hometown). We’ll see.

Oh and another thing I can’t possibly hide anymore, are those ugly acne breakouts on my face! I thought I’m supposed to have a glowing complexion where everyone would be jealous about? My nose is swollen, I have 2 new acne on the right side of my cheeks, pores are huge as ever. My forehead is also filled with rashes and red spots all over. (I bought products from Clinique to renew my skin, will blog about it next!)