Heavy like a watermelon!

I was walking towards hub’s usual lunch place here in Lumut, all of a grand sudden I felt like I was carrying a medium sized watermelon on my belly. I felt heavy and my feet can’t really with hold the weight of the aforementioned watermelon. Geez, I really can’t hide my belly anymore!

I have been successfully keeping my pregnancy a secret (shhh) among my friends. Well, my colleagues and all of my girls obviously had to know about it because they were the reason I had my first check up to confirm that I was having a baby. Other than that, maybe 2/3 other close friends learned about my pregnancy as I needed some other young mommies to guide me through this wonderful journey being a first time mom. Some would ask, why would I want to keep this gift a secret? It’s a personal choice, plus me being nervous and having high expectations on everything (myself particularly), I am very sure to myself that it’s not the right moment to crack the news yet. Also, I don’t want to boast around especially to moms married more years than me but have not had a baby yet. I know how bad it feels.

Baby is 20 weeks old here. 

My little baby flower is 22 weeks old now, meaning that I’ve 18 more weeks to go! And 18 weeks from now is the 7th of December (screammmmmmmmmms). Well it might be earlier or later, I found out that the EDD (estimated date of delivery) given by my gynecologist is not accurate. Perhaps it’s due to me having 2 different gynecologists (1 in Bandar Enstek and 1 more back in my hometown). We’ll see.

Oh and another thing I can’t possibly hide anymore, are those ugly acne breakouts on my face! I thought I’m supposed to have a glowing complexion where everyone would be jealous about? My nose is swollen, I have 2 new acne on the right side of my cheeks, pores are huge as ever. My forehead is also filled with rashes and red spots all over. (I bought products from Clinique to renew my skin, will blog about it next!)



Reminders to be closer to Allah…

To remind myself :

Surah 40 Ayah 60

(Taken from : http://quran.com/40 – Surah Ghafir (40) Verse 60)

To practice

  1. Subhana Allahe wa be hamdihi, subhan Allahil Azeem (zikr that will weigh heavy in our good deeds in the Hereafter). 
  2. Bismillahi Tawakal to al Allah wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah (In your name Allah, I put my trust in Allah, and there is no power or force except with Allah). 
  3. Literally, for everything which is positive, say Alhamdulillah ; and for everything that is negative, say Astaghfirullah wa atoobo ilayk.
  4. 3 Quls, Ayatul Qursi and Al Fatihah before sleeping.
  5. Bismillahillazi la yazurru maa ismihi shaiun fil arze wa la fis samae, wahuwal Alee ul Azeem (the Prophet used to recite this every after Fajr and Maghrib). 
  6. Pray for others too.
  7. Count blessing and thank Allah.
  8. Allahumma rahmataka ‘arjoo falaa takilnee ‘ilaa nafsee tarfata ‘aynin, wa aslih lee sha’nee kullahu, laa’ilaaha ilaa anta (“Oh Allah, I hope for your mercy. Do not leave me to myself even for the blinking of an eye. Correct all of my affairs for me. There is none worthy of worship but You.”).
  9. La ilaaha ill-Allaah al-‘Azeem ul-Haleem, Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah Rabb il-‘arsh il-‘azeem, Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah Rabb is-samawaati wa Rabb il-ard wa Rabb il-‘arsh il-kareem (There is no god except Allaah, the All-Mighty, the Forbearing; there is no god except Allaah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne; there is no god except Allaah, Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth and Lord of the noble Throne.” (Al-Bukhari 8/154, Muslim 4/2092)).
  10. Yaa Hayyu yaa Qayyoom, bi Rahmatika astagheeth (O Ever-Living One, O Everlasting One, by Your mercy I seek help).

Du’a is worship. We are able to directly approach Allah or the Quran. Seeking Allah’s guidance, Allah will provide us with guidance. The nature of the relationship between us and Allah is in Al Fatihah. Allah said in the first verse in Al Baqarah, that the Quran is the guidance for those who are aware of Allah their God. 

Restarting my writing.

Wow it has been years. My first thought of creating a blog was to write out everything I could, to express and to share with anyone crossing paths with my writings. But yet, I’ve failed to do so in the matter of time. Few hours ago, I stumbled upon an old friend’s blog and figured myself why did I stop writing, because writing and reading usually keep me going on. Being an introvert extrovert as well doesn’t get me too fond on telling a lot of people how I feel or how I want to feel. Especially when I don’t really have a lot of close girlfriends or, friends. Especially when i’m married to my husband now. And especially now i’m expecting sugar spice and everything nice. Hehe.

Yes I love writing and reading. It keeps me going. It makes me think like i’m a more intelligent person. And it makes me feel good. Not in a pretentious way but it satisfies me to feel how great it is that one’s mind is created in a way he or she could understand a written content in a way he or she chooses to understand it. And it awes me the fact that one can write in ways that he or she doesn’t even care of what readers think or even to bother about anyone’s liking. And also because i’m a teacher. Reading and writing are both essential in one’s daily life.

So, promise I will write more. Promise i’ll try to write sensible and positive things to share with people. Promise good vibes for people. Act of sadaqa.

#Ilmfest 2014

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh 

Masha Allah Ilmfest. Masha Allah. Ilmfest was one of the most best events that had happened in my life! Courses and conferences organised by Al Maghrib never fail to bring out the hunger and thirst of ilm in me. ما شاء الله الحمد لله thank you Al Maghrib and جزاك اللهُ خيراً tu all that let this event happened. It truly benefitted every single person who were present in the grand hall. May Allah preserve them all and may Allah bless them and bless us all إن شاء الله .

I learnt so much things from these 2 days of ilmfest إن شاء الله. These things are the essentials and what do we do with all those ilms is that we apply it in our lives as much as we could. Live like the prophet s.a.w. Live according to the sunnah of the prophet s.a.w. 

There were 14 shuyukhs present during this conference : Sh. Muhammad Alshareef, Sh. Waleed Basyouni, Sh. Yasir Qadhi, Sh. Omar Suleiman, Sh. Abu Eesa, Sh. Mohammed Faqh, Sh. Abdulbary Yahya, Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, Sh. Navaid Aziz, Sh. Reda, Sh. Ahsan Hanif, Sh. Saad Tasleem, Sh. Abdullah Hakim and hosted by Boona Mohammed. May Allah preserve them إن شاء الله.

I will share with you the ilms that I’ve got from these 2 days, seperated sessions by sessions. إن شاء الله I will try my best to deliver all ilms as good as I can! 

See you in the next post إن شاء الله !