Lost Privacy

The saddest thing that can happen to a person is when he/she loses his/her privacy under circumstances he/she can’t control. And to top of the sadness by talking about this sadness, this current situation is currently happening to yours truly. 

Being the guardian of the girls in the school residence, for 3 years of my service I used to have a room all to myself. A room I slept in every night of weeks I am on my duty. A room I be in when girls have problems to talk to me about. A room in where I worked my ass off every evening to make sure I don’t have overnight work. And a room where I used as my personal and private corner I have all to myself. But now no more, since the new school policy is : guardians need to share rooms with other guardians. Reason stated : budget issues. 

I’m tired of always taking care of losses the school is making. And I’m even more tired to initiate new things and build blocks to make the school stronger where as I’ve never been appreciated with a free thank you note or even a bigger paycheck that allows me to pay my car debt every month. I’m tired of always putting my girls upfront, feeling flattered by pats at the backs because right now it means just nothing to me. I don’t need a pat at the back, I need a bigger paycheck to sustain our lives. 

Why not opt for a change, I asked myself. It’s not like I owe anything to this current place, and it’s not like I’ve been given the most special treatment here.